Model: Has the work been done? – No, it hasn’t. It is still being done.

1. Has an advertising agency been chosen yet?

2. Have the goods been delivered?

3. Has an up-to-date product been developed?

4. Has the company’s short-term capital been invested?

5. Have the errors in the budget been corrected?

6. Has the output been increased?

7. Have the documents been submitted?

8. Have extra shares been issued?

9. Have the prices been decreased?

10. Has the product been withdrawn from the market?

C. Reported speech

A. Model 1: Hunting for valued things excites the collector. – The author says hunting for valued things excites the collector. (the verb of saying is in the present tense).

Model 2: Hunting for valued things excited the collector. – The author said hunting for valued things excited the collector. (the verb of saying is in the past)

Read the following sentences and report what the author said:

1. Grown-up children collect a huge range of things, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

2. The urge to collect is related to man’s origin as a hunter-gatherer.

3. He acquired around 50.000 books and ran up huge debts.

4. Mass production has democratized collecting.

5. Auction results are posted on the web.

6. One in three people will remain collectors even in adulthood.

7. There will always be the device of a limited edition.

8. The online auction house has won over 150m registered users.

9. He is writing a history of art collecting.

10. Picasso’s “Boy with a Pipe” was sold at Sotheby’s for $104111.